Deliveries across Delhi NCR, now easy!

How do you manage your day when there’s plenty of work to be done? We know, managing everything is no easy thing, that’s why with DoneThing, deliveries now have a new meaning.

Do you think of someone who would go and bring a hot coffee for you while you’re all messed up with work? The new meaning calls for all your work to be done in a jiffy. No more having to worry about meeting deadlines.

We make sure that your work is done in the best way, as it’s important to you as well as us.

Your request is our command:

Feeling irritated about delivering a bunch of clothes to your relative? Or you forgot your stuff somewhere? Well, your all such requests need no worries. You can happily delegate it to us, so that we unload burden off your shoulders, and make you more productive in your life.

deliveries at your doorstep

Pocket-friendly prices:

Once you’ve entered your request on the app, you can sit back with a cup of tea congratulating yourself on the fact that someone actually will deliver that huge bunch of clothes for you, or your stuff which you forgot somewhere. Everything is affordable and prices are not hard on your pockets too.

affordable prices

On-demand deliveries:

Whatever you call for, gets at your doorstep. As we know, it can be a daunting task to keep track of your orders efficiently. Let us not forget the anxiety of being unaware of the current status of your stuff, but we do it on-demand, and let you stay hassle free. It’s hyperlocal, it safe and it’s cheap.

on demand delivery

What all we can deliver?

Send gifts to your loved ones, or sets of documents to your client. You can delegate everything that you want. Why worry when you have a personal assistant, who can run errands for you. Be it clothes, jewelry, chocolates or any kind of material. Deliveries are just not about big parcels or food. You can send anything that you want.