Frequently Asked Questions

For Shopping: DoneThing is your very own Personal Shopper & Assistant.  We get you what you ask for, no matter what it is, just when you need it without charging a premium on it.

For Pick &Drop: We deliver or move anything that is legal & transportable. Place your request and it’s done!

For Doing Daily Tasks: We believe in simplifying life. You can ask us to run errands, do chores, deposit cheques/ pay bills and much more, without having to step out yourself.

For Finding Help: DoneThing works like a personal assistant for you, with a dedicated team putting their heads together to solve all your problems. From repairs and maintenance, scheduling your appointments, arranging tickets to suggesting movies, arranging transportation and much more!

We Do It All!

You can send us your request on the app, over a call or on WhatsApp. Once we have processed your request, and you have confirmed it, we mobilize our foot soldiers who are supremely skilled in getting things done, very-well acquainted with the city & are armed with a thorough knowledge of your preferences. The execution is quick & assuredly as requested.

We deliver or move anything from your lunch, to keys, to your passport, gifts & even clothes for laundry, without the hassle of going yourself. Just give us a call, WhatsApp us or tell us on the app and save your valuable time.

Our service charges are a function of time & distance. We follow dynamic pricing, making it a fairer deal for you. You pay relative to how complex your request is and the distance we need to travel.

We maintain a standard ‘No Questions Asked’ returns policy if the product/service delivered is not of satisfactory quality. The time frame & refund is a factor of the vendor’s policy.

We fulfill service requests across NCR for anything that is legal, available & transportable. We are also constantly expanding our service & product range, as well as our service area, so feel free to test us anytime.

We are operational between 9 AM & 11 PM. Though you can still place an order for a later date & time even in the non-operational hours.

Yes, you can schedule a request for a time of your convenience within our standard operating hours.

An order/service-request can be cancelled without any charges before it has been picked-up/completed/executed by our foot soldiers.

No, we do not charge any premium on any of the products ordered. Our policy is to try and deliver all the products at or below MRP. You are also welcome to inform us of any discount offers or coupons applicable at the stores of your choice.

We deliver ‘Anything-Anytime’ from any store of your choice that falls within the geographical limits of Gurgaon.

Our policy is to complete requests within 90 minutes or less. If a particular request is taking longer than usual than our team will inform you in advance.